One of the main reasons you should choose an online headshop for your glass
pipes and bongs is because very simply, online glass shops simply have the best
selection of dab rigs and water pipes to choose from. You are not going to find
anywhere near the wide range of selection in any smoke shop that you visit as
you will get from an online head shop like Thick Ass Glass.

Besides the broad selection of spoon pipes, 14 and 18mm water pipes and dab
rigs, an online headshop is also going to offer much better prices than you
will find at local smoke shops. And especially at TAG, where thick quality glass
bubblers and bongs are a specialty. Smoking accessories such as quartz and
titanium nails and ash catchers also help create a better smoking experience.

So whether you’re looking for bangers, dab pipes, oil rigs or quartz dabbers,
online head shops are pretty much your best move.