signs your air conditioner needs to be replaced

A HVAC system is very big investment
for any homeowner. They cost thousands of dollars, and therefore they
are a big ticket time anytime.

Like all appliances, HVAC units have a
lifespan, which is around 10-15 years depending on well they are
maintained. Even for well maintained ac systems, after 10 years, a
homeowner should start thinking and planning to replace the air
conditioning unit, since newer units are more energy efficient. Which
pays dividends over the long term in terms of considerable lower
energy savings and consumption.

Therefore, replacing your old air
conditioner is one of the biggest decisions a homeowner will make
when it’s time to replace their existing heating and cooling unit.

There are several signs and things to
look out for when considering buying or replacing your old hvac unit,
such as age, expensive ac repairs, frequent breakdowns, if your ac
unit is using r-22 freon, which the EPA is phasing out, and your home
or building doesn’t get cooled enough, or it takes a long time to get
to the desired temperature. Also, when your energy and utility bill
keeps rising, then it’s time to call a reputable air conditioning
contractor to replace your air conditioning unit.