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How to Install a Garage Door
Garage door falling apart? Follow along as our expert
 shows how to safely install a new garage—door and
 how to remove the old one
After attaching weatherstripping to the bottom
 edge of the first garage door panel, set the panel
 in the doorway and fix it in place by driving nails
 partway into each jamb at an angle so that they
 wedge the door in place.
Attach the hinges to the top edge of the door if
 they aren’t already attached.
2. Screw cable brackets to the door to secure the weather-stripping.
3. Use impact driver to mount hinges to the bottom panel of garage door.
4. Stand the bottom door panel on the floor in the garage doorway.
5. Insert rollers into the brackets attached to the door.
6. Stand track beside door, insert rollers into the track and screw the track to doorway frame.
7. Attach the hinges to the second door panel.
8. Set second panel on top of first panel in the doorway.