There are several factors that can cause the damaging of a RAID 5 array like a Dell
PowerEdge 2800 logical disk failure. But if we talk about the main types of
the disk failures then it can be divided into two main categories. The first
type of the failure of hard disk is physical while the other one is
logical. Physical hard disk damaged is caused by many
factors and it includes the failure because of electric shock. If there is
enough heat in the room or the power supply has a low voltage, it can also
ruin the disk.

Dell PowerEdge servers are considered the most popular and reliable servers. They
have a larger storage capacity and can be used by both for smaller and
larger businesses. The highly configurable nature of these servers makes them ideal
to use. These servers feature RAID configurations like 0, 1, 5, 6, and 10.
The Perc system is used to manage Dell PowerEdge server RAID arrays. The firmware is used to
continuously update the system, but they can corrupt files under failure. There
are lot of ways to recover the data whether it is rack system or tower system. Professional data recovery services like Hard Drive Recovery Group use clean rooms to professional retrieve data. See them today.