Need an affordable cordless lawn mower that’s as hearty and dependable as its gas powered counter parts? If so, check out the Green Works 25302 Twin Force lawn mower. With 2 durable and recyclable batteries as well as 5 cutting height options,it could just be the next garden tool in your wish list.

Greenworks G-Max Batteries.
Greenworks have provided upto 70 minutes of run time on the G-Max 40v by making use of two batteries. It has a state of the art battery switching mechanism, so that whenever one goes dead it immediately switches to the charged battery so you keep mowing.

Twin Cutting Blades.
The twin blade cutting system combined with the 20-inch cutting deck will save you a lot of time mowing your lawn. Since the blades are a little wider than the vast majority of electric mowers available on the market, mowing your lawns is faster. Its single height adjustment lever makes it super easy to modify the cutting height of the mower. You don’t have to change each wheel individually.

Auto Throttle.
The Greenworks G-Max features a built-in auto throttle that automatically adjusts power going to the cutting blades to ensure the mower does not work harder than it should. This maximizes battery run time and will also lengthen the life of the electric mower as it won’t be running at full throttle all the time.

Starting the Mower.
This mower is easy to start and has a 2 stage safety feature to help keep your precious fingers safe. You have to insert the key before the ignition button works. You then have to pull the bail to the handle and release the ignition button to have the blades turning.

Unboxing and Storage.
If you’re worried about there being a lot of work when assembling the Greenworks G-MAX 40v Electric Mower, relax. Setting it up is relatively easy and you will have it up and running in about 5 minutes. You then have to charge the batteries. The mower features a pre installed mulching plug, you will have to remove it if you do not require the mulching feature. Storing the mower is reasonably easy, the handle folds up nicely and neatly. If you’re storing the mower for a long time, ensure you charge its battery at least every two months.

Dual blade design offers cutting efficiency.
Upto 70 minutes runtime (You can add the second battery for two hours).
Lightweight ergonomic design.
Lithium ion battery technology for extended life.
Offers a wide range of cutting heights.
Full 4 year warranty.

Just one 4ah battery is included (and one 2ah).
Not as sturdy as gas-powered mowers.

Should You Get The Greenworks 25302?
Get more efficient when working on your lawn by purchasing the Green works 40V G Max Lithium Ion Lawn Mower, the gas alternative mowing solution youve been waiting on. If you want a Cordless Lawn Mower with leading-edge features that most competitors lack, the GreenWorks G-Max 40V Cordless lawn mower is perfect for you. The interchangeable battery platform has all the tools you’ll want to complete your lawn work without sacrificing power or performance. Check This Out