Bitcoin consulting

Starting an entirely new global economic paradigm is not easy, however Bitcoin seems to have done for economics what Tesla has done for electric cars. In just over eight years since its invention, Bitcoin has changed how millions of people around the world view economics forever.

Look at Bitcoin’s price/value proposition this way. A 5-CD at a local bank back in 2012, would have returned you maybe 2% per annum. Keep in mind that any large government, like the United States, will gladly tell you that annual inflation is 2% per annum, or less. Let’s give these agencies, who have a vested interest in keeping the known rat of inflation as low as possible, the benefit of the doubt. If inflation is really 2% per year, a CD is a break-even proposition, at best.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, was trading for anywhere from around $6-13 USD in 2012, growing in value throughout the year. That CD is still a break-even proposition, 5 years later. However, Bitcoin is now trading for over $2400 USD, and has peaked at over $2700 USD.  We’re talking thousands of percent ROI, to those who knew about Bitcoin and took action, in 2012.  Below is a chart of Bitcoin’s price through the years, relative to the USD.