I have to say that this was one of the most exciting days I have spent in the Park in a long time!!

I will give you a synopsis and then I am just going to post the photos.

The Mollies pack moved into the Lamar area this winter. They historically reside in Hayden Valley and have survived there by hunting bison, as elk are few and far between. The Mollies are built slightly larger than other packs in the Park.

This year the Mollies are unfettered by a pregnant Alpha female and they are all very young, the oldest being about 3, and the 17 wolves are mostly female. As siblings, though they are from different litters they have the same parents, they will not mate with each other. They have killed a number of NE corner wolves this winter. Today we thought we were in for battle as we watched a few of the Mollies charge down Junction Butte toward Blacktail/Agate wolves. These wolves are what is left of the Agate pack, including the Alpha male (Big Blaze), and two other wolves. Big Blaze is originally a Blacktail pack wolf who left to woo the Agate alpha female. The Mollies killed the Agate alpha female just a few weeks ago.

So, we thought we were going to witness a brawl. Two Mollies wolves, a gray and a black, charged across the field south of Junction Butte towards Big Blaze, whose Agate companions had taken off. We braced for battle.

It turns out that these were Mollies females. They need a man!!! They worked very hard to woo Big Blaze to join them. The tri-colored black wolf with the collar is Big Blaze.