Andrew James 5.2 Mixer Review


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As of late we’ve seen the Andrew James 5.2 Liter Mixer be offered at a strange, clearly pipe dream cost at THIS STORE. That is considerably less than a large portion of the RRP and would properly aim concern with respect to the quality, life span and common sense of this kitchen machine. This Andrew James 5.2 Mixer Review will check whether it truly is a deal.

Andrew James 5.2 Mixer Review

The Andrew James 5.2 liter blender is a beautiful machine in any shading




  • Cost


  • Selection of hues


  • Great scope of blending connections


  • Two-year guarantee




  • No non-blending connections (e.g. mincer, pasta creator, blender)


  • A few reports of flawed sturdiness


  • Commotion


Highlights and Accessories


Simplicity Of Cleaning




Estimate and Weight








Highlights and Accessories


This blender accompanies four connections, which are all entirely simple to append by pushing the finish of the connection into the spring-stacked fitting distending from the sprinkle protect and afterward contorting and discharging to bolt it into place. In case you’re working with little sums then the greater part of the connections will battle (despite the fact that the adaptable blender is ideal) as they don’t stretch out very to the base, however this is the situation with generally blenders.


The connections incorporate


Andrew James Flexible Beater Blade


Another connection for Andrew James – the adaptable mixer edge


Mixture snare – which and in addition batter could likewise be utilized for substantial cake blends, where the sharp edge fittings could put excessively strain on the apparatuses and engine


Adaptable blender cutting edge – this is a current and extremely welcome expansion to Andrew James blenders as it is somewhat more extensive than the metal mixer sharp edge and furthermore has a silicone edge to it. The Extra width and silicone edge implies that the edge turns significantly nearer to the edge of the bowl, which is immaculate to show signs of improvement blend with sticky blends.


Metal mixer cutting edge – universally useful connection for players and cake blends


Stainless steel whisk – for beating creams and egg whites


While with the above connections the machine has got the greater part of the blender bases secured, shockingly there isn’t a capacity to buy extra usefulness, for example, a mincer or chopper, however this is not out of the ordinary from a base end machine.


The stainless steel blending dish is 5.2 liters in size, which somewhat greater than the opposition and ought to be all that could possibly be needed for most. Probably pastry specialists will definitely know whether they require a greater bowl, in case you don’t know then a bowl greater than this would in all likelihood be pointless excess. It locks into place reasonably effectively by dropping it into the openings and turning until it locks.


It’s extraordinary to see that a legitimate removable sprinkle monitor has been added to this model, as in the past Andrew James has depended on littler gatekeepers that shaped some portion of the genuine connections and were not exceptionally viable. Gratefully there’s an opening in the protect with the goal that fixings can be poured in amid blending.


This Is The Best Food Mixer under £200

Andrew James 5.2 Mixer Controls


The essential controls


There are six selectable velocities to browse contingent upon the job that needs to be done and the consistency you’re looking. While numerous different blenders offer better modification of the speed, the six on offer here ought to consider every contingency. The beat mode is incredible for those circumstances when you should be more exact, for instance, when adding flour to a mixture blend.


Go in the engine and there’s a 800 watt engine, and what Andrew James call a ‘strong rigging system’… Hmm, well judging from the commotion that the apparatuses deliver when the machine is in operation (more on that later) those apparatuses will should be vigorous as they create one hell of a clamor.


Simplicity Of Cleaning


As specified, it’s anything but difficult to evacuate the bowl, connections and sprinkle monitor for cleaning, in spite of the fact that you need to snatch the connections to contort them out, which will be muddled unless you’re working with a mixture. With a few blends you’ll see that you have to go around the outside of the bowl with the gave spatula to wipe the blend off. The stainless steel blending dish is clearly dishwasher safe, yet I’d hand wash alternate parts.




The commotion a blender produces is the greatest pointer with regards to the quality and refinement of the segments and designing without stripping it down to it’s nuts, screws and riggings. As you’d expect at this cost, the Andrew James 5.2 is somewhat boisterous when in operation, especially at higher velocities when you may wish to leave the room. The real commotion wouldn’t prevent me off from purchasing this or whatever other blender, however it raises questions in the matter of whether it’s worked to last. There’s additional on this toughness of the machine later in the survey.


Estimate and Weight
The blender best the scales at 6.5kg, which is genuinely light contrasted with the opposition, with the plastic instead of metal packaging being the major contributing variable. At this weight lifting it onto the worktop from an organizer above or underneath isn’t excessively troublesome an errand.